We are a tight knit family that sweats and works hard together and supports each other day in and day out to achieve our goals. We do hard things and fun things together regularly.

You will need to search far and wide to find another gym as passionate about helping people achieve their fitness goals. The Brickwall community is supportive and inclusive.

Coaches & Programming

Brickwall coaches don’t stand silent. They talk and they walk. Brickwall boasts having 10% of the CrossFit Level 2 trainers [5 out of 50] in Utah among the Brickwall community. There is no better coaching than at Brickwall.

Programming at Brickwall is done by Greg Schell, Head Coach and CrossFit Level 2 trainer. Since the CrossFit Level 1 seminar only lightly covers programming, programming by a level 2 trainer is our minimum standard.

Nutrition & Recovery

Working out is only a small part of the effort required to reach your goals. Meet with our nutrition coaches to learn about proper nutrition to help you meet them.

For most of us, recovery is our limiting factor. Improved recovery means more capacity. More capacity means you can reach your goals more quickly. At Brickwall, we help you learn recovery techniques to make your efforts more effective.